(Yves Uro) (UROVISION)

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London:IDEA,1st edition,2021,Softcover 


Yves Uro (1954 - 1995) is a very rare thing in these hyper-connected times - a world class artist waiting to be discovered. In just over a decade, Uro produced between 300 - 400 posters for Ku and other clubs and bars on Ibiza. Largely freehand drawn and finished with expert level airbrush and paint techniques, the posters represent an incredible run of sustained creativity. They are the aesthetic of Ibiza nightlife in the eighties. Urovision presents 100 of the most amazing posters into one book - published for the first time. Yves' sister Catherine provides an extensive personal portrait of her brother alongside photographs, letters, ephemera and examples of his extraordinary teenage artworks.