(Yusuke Yamatani)(山谷佑介)(ground)

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lemon books, 2014
Condition: New, Signed, Limited edition of 300 copies, 22x26cm, 92pages, Softcover

“When I was fourteen, I visited a music venue for the first time. At eighteen, I moved to Tokyo and it became my second home.”

These are the words at the beginning of Yusuke Yamatani’s exciting photobook “ground”.

For this series, he has taken photographs of the floors of music venue in Tokyo, and printed them life size, and laid them back down over the same floors, before the concert begins. The print’s surface worn off by shoes and stained by alcohol and the sweat of dancers was another way of photographic record, of an event. More than that, “ground” is also a record of the people Yamatani met during this period.