(Yaniv Edry)(Tel-Aviv-Haifa)

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Self-published, 2017
Condition: New, Edition of 250 copies, 27.5x21cm, 92pages, Softcover

“Tel Aviv-Haifa Highway is a route along the coast which connects two large cities in Israel – Haifa and Tel Aviv

I grew up in the middle, the center point between the two cities and between the highway and the Mediterranean Sea – in a place called “Givat Olga”

This place represents an inseparable part of my childhood memories, some of which are real memories.

In my work, I constantly try to restore and recreate these memories, saved in my family photo albums.

In the photographs, I try to immortalize moments from the past by re-observing them in the present.

The photographs were taken between the years 2004-2016."