(Trent Parke)(The Black Rose)

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Adelaide: Art Gallery of South Australia, 2015
Condition: New, Signed, 24.5x32.7cm, 168pages, Hardcover

The Black Rose represents the culmination of seven years of work for internationally renowned Adelaide photographer Trent Parke. The catalyst for the exhibition was a tragic incident in the artist’s past, which has led Parke to explore universal ideas from a deeply personal perspective – birth, death, love, loss, memory and the passing of time. Between 2007 and 2014, in an attempt to reclaim memories of his childhood, Parke took thousands of photographs of his surroundings and of everyday objects, and wrote down his dreams and observations in diaries. His process of remembering was also stimulated by an email dialogue on the theme of ‘home’ with a group of fellow photographers, as well as through his experiences as a father of two young boys.