(Toni Amengual)(PAIN)

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Self-published, 2014
Condition: New, 1st edition of 500, Signed and Numbered, 21x15cm, 240pages, Softcover

PAIN is Toni Amengual’s first book. Edited by himself, PAIN is a portrait of the current situation of crisis and social cutbacks in Spain.

All the pictures in the book were taken with a mobile device camera between 2010 and 2012. The final book format is presented two years later, 2014, when politicians and mass media are devoted to convey an optimistic message of recovery. In spite of these messages, the images of the suffering population in the streets presented in the book are still as current as when they were taken. The book is composed by 120 photographs bound in 240 pages and folded in the japanese way, thus to get to them the pages have to be tore up.