(The Plant - Issue 3 Camellia)

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Barcelona: The Plant Journal S.C.P, 2011
Condition: Very Good, slight signs of use, 20x27cm, 148pages

The Plant offers to plant lovers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who also love plants.

Coke Bartrina, Thierry Boutemy, Tokyo's Pot Gardens,
Jonas Marguet, Extreme Gardening, Daisuke Hamada, Growing with Clay, Derek Jarman, Britt Browne, Terrariums, Matt Olson, Scheltens & Abbenes, Brittle Botany, Ángeles Peña, Daniel Trese, Jean Luc Godard and Jennilee Marigomen. Includes ‘The Obscure Geometry of a Flower’,
a monograph on the Camellia illustrated by Marcus Oackley, Shoboshobo, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Ping Zhu and Hiromi Nakajima.