(Takashi Homma)(ホンマタカシ)(Various Covered Automobiles)

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Tokyo: limArt, 2015
Condition: New, Signed, 1st edition of 240 copies, 14x18cm, 42pages, 16images, Softcover

Japanese photographer Takashi Homma takes the banal to new depths with this series, which is nothing more than the title suggests. Inspired by the word paintings of Ed Ruscha, Homma takes the Ruscha-style cover’s introduction of a cut-and-dried theme and expands upon it, literally and visually. Here is a collection of images of cars bundled under wraps, parked outdoors or under buildings. Although the images are made in colour, the subjects are entirely nondescript, and their contexts are equally anonymous. Only one instance deviates from the rest, being covered by snow.