(Rubén H. Bermúdez)(Y TÚ, ¿POR QUÉ ERES NEGRO?)

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Self-published, 2017
Condition: New, Sealed, 23x18cm, 240pages, Softcover, Spanish

The discovery that between 15th and 19th centuries, in Burguillos del Cerro, in the province of Badajoz, Spain, people of African origin lived enslaved is the starting point of the personal trip of Rubén H. Bermúdez around blackness. Through his work, Bermúdez presents himself as Afro-descendant, exploring the feeling of difference that grows in him until he becomes self-conscious. From there, he raises a range of questions: Why am I black? What does it mean to be black? What kind of social construction do we create for blacks? A search through stories and images that invites us to review our relationship with blackness.