(Rinko Kawauchi - Terri Weifenbach)(川内倫子 - テリ・ワイフェンバック)(Gift)

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Tokyo: amana inc, 2014
Condition: Like New, bumped corner on top right slipcase and cover of Terri Weifenbach book, 19.5x25cm, 160pages, Hardcover with Slipcase, Japanese/English

This catalogue was published in conjunction with IMA Gallery’s second exhibition, “Gift.” 

Rinko Kawauchi and Terri Weifenbach, two internationally recognized female photographers, maintain correspondence by exchanging photographs. Kawauchi is one of Japan’s best-known photographers. Weifenbach creates fantastic images of natural landscapes. They owned books of each other’s works and began exchanging images via-email in 2011. “Gift” is a result of this photographic exchange.

Flipping through the pages of the mirrored bindings sets each artists work opposite that of the other in a captivating progression of delicate and subliminal beauty: small observations and radiant nuances plucked from the respective worldviews of these two unusual talents.