(Ren Hang)(Food Issue)

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Beijing: Same Paper, 2015
Condition: New, 2nd edition of 300 copies, 16.1x21.4cm, 52pages, with a piece of tablecloth 70x70cm

"Those who are reading this article might have heard of Ren Hang. After his intensive exhibitions and media exposure around the world, his works can be seen online or on magazines. All of those public photographs were selected among tens of thousands of pictures, which, he considers, were perfect. During our daily contact with Ren Hang, we have seen Ren Hang’s many unpublished photos. Some of those exposed his feet by accident, or he used his feet to feed and tread male models. This kind of insignificant act got our attention, and then it occurred to us to edit a compilation of photos about feet.

To print these unpublished works means that Ren Hang had to show his not so perfect works. It sure was a pressure for a person with a certain degree of stubbornness. In the end we cajoled him into giving us these pictures. The end product is a lively food party with photos being connected using party lingos. The word food has similar pronunciation with foot, which coincides with those feeding action in photos. The whole book seems humorous and nonsensical, which is very close to the Ren Hang whom we know.

The idea of this zine was born in the autumn of 2014. Because of the provocativeness of the photos, it was refused many times by printing houses. So we had to replace some pictures and change the design to make it more “artistic”. Still it was not accepted. In the end we replaced those pages with nude photos with something else, and only then did we finish the printing by the end of February 2015. As for how we replace them, you will understand after reading the zine. The additional tablecloth echoes the theme of Food Issue and also tones down a bit the eroticism. You can use it for wrapping or accessory. It’s up to you."