(Popeye Magazine)(Roller Craze)(1979)

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Tokyo:Heibon Shuppan,1979,Softcover,In Japanese.

Condition:Good,Shelfwear,Yellowed by aging,Some stains around edges.

1979 "Roller Craze" issue of the Japanese style bible for men. Ostensibly founded as a male counterpart to women’s fashion magazine an an in 1976, Popeye (a pun signaling the mag's mission: to keep an "eye" on pop culture) was in part inspired by US counterculture quarterly Whole Earth Catalog. A fan of WEC's layout and DIY ethos, editor Yoshihisa Kinameri created Made in U.S.A., a catalog of 1970s American fashion that became an instant trendsetter. He next established his "Magazine for City Boys," with details on the latest in fashion and youth culture in US and European metropolises including Los Angeles (the debut issue), Portland, Brooklyn, Paris, and London. Popeye influenced menswear in Tokyo, including the "Ivy Revival," and inspired a proliferation of copycat men’s fashion mags across the globe, and is considered by some a precursor to early aughts fashion blogs. This issue focuses on all things rollerskating, including "8-Wheels" dance moves, gear, fashion tips, along with features on University of Notre Dame sports teams (football, lacrosse, basketball, golf, fencing, and more). Illustrated throughout with color and black-and-white photos, drawings, and reproductions.