(Perry Ogden)(Paddy & Liam)

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London: IDEA, 2018
Condition: New, Sealed, 1st edition of 500, Open-spine Softcover

Perry Ogden began photographing Liam and Paddy Doran at ten and eleven years old when the mother of Ogden’s daughter offered them a field for their horses while they were waiting to be housed. The boys from a Traveller family in Celbridge, County Kildare west of Dublin have since appeared as models in numerous fashion campaigns for Ogden. The idea for the book has been in gestation for a long time. “I started photographing them a number of years ago and later I thought these images would make a very interesting book documenting that period of their lives from 10-16, a transformative period when you make discoveries and develop passions. “I wanted to see how they dealt with that and to reflect on the Ireland they were born into and the Ireland in which they are becoming adults – from a Catholic country to Snapchat.” The images, that include some of their fashion work together, blur the line between documentary and fiction.