(Paris Photo By David Lynch - English and French Edition)

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Göttingen: Steidl, 2012
Condition: Good, minor shelf-wear, some stains on cover, inside is very good, 20x26.8cm, 208pages, English/French

For the first time, Paris Photo presents an original journey within the galleries: “Paris Photo seen by ...”. In 2012, Paris Photo entrusts David Lynch’s selection is a bit like visiting Paris Photo in his company; a dialogue begins; we do look at the works “together”, but first of all we look at them in a different way, through a “Lynchian” filter. Our first perception undergoes a distortion, the reading becomes a plural one and reveals the metaphoric power of every image; I believe it will be the same for other visitors, only that Lynch’s subconscious takes over: the body, the strangeness, the potential narrative and the ambiguity of the image are always present.” Julien Frydman, Director of Paris Photo