(Nobuyoshi Araki)(荒木経惟)(Blue Period / Last Summer)

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New York: Session Press & Dashwood Books, 2017
Condition: New, Sealed, Softcover in slipcase, 26x18cm

One of the most influential photographers of our time, Nobuyoshi Araki is known for his diaristic style or “shi-shashin” (I-photographs) through the publication of over 500 books throughout his career.  His work has become practically synonymous with Japanese photography; closely associated with his work on bondage, his late wife, Yoko, as well as still lifes and nudes. 

A collection of photographs based on Nobuyoshi Araki's film work 'Arakinema'.

“The two films should be seen as a set, since Blue Period is about the past and Last Summer is about the future. By removing color using a chemical solution, Blue Period is about an act of subtraction (past), whereas adding color to the images in Last Summer is about an act of addition (future). This project is just like life itself."  - Nobuyoshi Araki