(Nicolo Degiorgis)(Oasis Hotel)

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Bolzano: Rorhof, 2014
Condition: New, Signed, 1st edition of 500 copies, Concertina binding, 
24.3×16.3cm, 44pages, Hardcover

Oasis Hotel documentes a hitchhike along China’s Cross-Desert Highway, a road built in the mid 1990s across the Taklamakan desert in the Province of Xinjiang to help the extraction of oil. The journey records the road and its people - truck drivers, cotton pickers, oil well workers and prostitutes, whose lives are caught up in the dependancy and desolation of the prospering oil industry.

The images are chromatically and chronologically arranged in order to create an ideal journey that starts during a blue day in the desert and finishes with almost entirely red images inside a brothel that gives the eponymous title to the book.