(David Brandon Geeting)(NEIGHBORHOOD STROLL)

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Jesi, Italy: Skinnerboox, 2019
Condition: New, Signed, Edition of 1000, 22.9x30.5cm, 300pages, Hardcover

Neighborhood Stroll is a collection of photographs taken outside in Geeting’s own neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Void of humans, the work dissects what they’ve left behind;
a sky trapped by wires, an empty can of beer, a stop sign stripped of color, leaves atop a box of pasta, a window display in disarray.
Though the work was made in the very recent past, this snapshot of the late 2010’s in gentrified Greenpoint feels more post-apocalyptic than it does present-day.
Brightly lit and bursting with vivid color, the cautionary content of these images is hidden beneath their complex compositions and aesthetic appeal.
A departure from his usual studio-heavy practice, Geeting’s Neighborhood Stroll challenges the tradition of New York street photography and what it means to capture a decisive moment in time.