(Michał Adamski)(I Can't Get Through the Chaos)

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Self-published, 2015
Condition: New, Edition of 500, Signed and Numbered, 13.6x19.6cm, 48pages, Hardcover

I cannot get through the chaos is a record of struggling with the death of the author’s parents. They both passed away in the same year, in the same hospital, after several months spent in bed. Michal Adamski accompanied them to the last breath. Photos arose in the intervals regard between care and fragments of conversations. It’s hard to talk, when you know that someone is going to die, and that is why photography has become his shield that allows him to survive this difficult time. Calm which become after the last farewell is just apparent. You can finally collect your thoughts and enter into an empty family home. Silence and emptiness of that place, which recently was vibrant with life, strike you.