(Mark Power)(Die Mauer ist Weg!)

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Brighton: Globtik Books, 2014
Condition: New, Signed, Edition of 1000, 38x28.2cm Hardcover with 31.5x23.5cm, 96pages

By a series of fortunate events, Mark Power was present at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

To mark the 25th anniversary, this new production (self-published under his new imprint, Globtik Books) is bound as a pastiche of a newspaper Power purchased in Berlin the morning after, embossed into heavy-duty cardboard.
While the early pages read as news-based photojournalism, as the book unfolds Power retreats away from the epicentre of the event to re-camp over the border in an almost desolate East Berlin. From there he views the story from another perspective, before embarking on a (frankly rather pointless) search for Bertolt Brecht’s grave. 
The book is both a record of a major 20th century news event and a piece of critical soul-searching about the lessons learnt from the experience as, in the accompanying essay, Power recounts his fascinating tale of chance and choice.