(Mario Sorrenti)(The Machine)

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Paris: Stromboli, 2001
Condition: Very Good, minor shelfwear, slightly yellowed edge, inside is excellent, 1st Edition, Hardcover

Mario Sorrentis brother Davide was born on July 9, 1976. He passed away at the age of twenty on February 4, 1997 in New York City, from complications of his illness and drug abuse. At the age of one, Davide was diagnosed with Thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder. At the age of three, Davide began nightly treatments with a chelator drug administered with a 3 X 8 inch infusion pump. The pump came to be known in his family as "the machine." The brothers were very close. As Davide grew and matured, the reality of his illness grew heavier and crueler, yet he was determined to live his life like any other kid. Being stuck with a needle every night was one of the most difficult things for Davide. These photos were taken on Thanksgiving night 1994 during a family visit to Washington D.C. It was late, after everyone was asleep. That's when Mario Sorrenti shot these four rolls o film.