(Marie Angeletti)(HOTEL 11a 1bis)

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London: Mörel Books, 2013
Condition: New, Sealed, Limited edition of 500, 29.7x20cm, 102pages, Softcover

" If one were looking to tie this work down via iconography (precisely the wrong approach), one might be tempted to see Angeletti as here pursuing a semi-oblique feminist agenda orbiting around performance, role-play, adornment, containment. But she seems more interested in scrambled typologies and the uneasy pleasures of, to quote René Magritte, the treachery of images. If pre-existing, these photographs meant one thing in a catalogue, museum or wherever, and now they signify something else or, intrinsically, nothing at all: detached, rivulets in a larger directional flow. 'Thanks, Internet,' such work murmurs. Like many artists in their twenties, Angeletti wants to denote that presiding context without directly addressing it, performing its knock-on effect on materialist media." - Martin Herbert, Frieze Magazine, Oct. 2012