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Montreuil sur Breche: Diaphane éditions, 2012
Condition: New, 19x27.3cm, 72 pages, Hardcover

One immediately recognises, both in the frame and in the palette, the approach of this Swedish artist who has established himself through a practice of colour and a radical point of view that he first experimented with in his country. Coming from the tradition of the press and black and white reportage for daily newspapers, he cast a critical eye on his country and his contemporaries and, by dint of making us laugh, the comicality of Landet utom sig Ed. Journal, 1993 became depressing. The world of consumerism and leisure, placed in the devastating perspective of a rare ability to detect the absurdity of situations and behaviour, was translated into a burst of colour that added to the biting irony of the whole. A world of junk, viewed with a critical sense devoid of malice, sent us back to all the derision. This approach, which has been refined over the years, had learned the lessons of the great American colourists who, in the 1970s, imposed the fact that colour in photography was not only a technical possibility that was becoming increasingly effective in restoring the "truth" of reality, but that it was a photographic material that had to be dealt with in every sense of the term. Lars Tunbjörk is clearly in line with this revolution of the colourists across the Atlantic. He comes after, continues the process by confronting colour in the most direct way possible, and he is European.
Extract from the text by Christian Caujolle

This book is the result of a creative residency by Lars Tunbjörk in Beauvais, as part of the Photaumnales.