(Kiyoshi Awazu)(Book Design By Kiyoshi Awazu)

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Tokyo:Kawade Shobo,2nd edition,1986,Hardcover with dust jacket,In Japanese.

Condition:Good,Rubbed edges,Stains on white spaces.

Book Design by Kiyoshi Awazu.

Scarce publication documenting the dynamic book designs of graphic artist Kiyoshi Awazu as part of an instructional series ‘Art Technique Now’. The first section of the publication gives insight into Awazu’s drawing process, showing images of him at work in the studio. Maquettes and sketches for designs are also included alongside many of the completed works, showing their evolution.

Beautiful colour reproductions throughout the publication show the scope of Awazu’s approach to the book object and how his expressive, surreal illustrations could carry across a series and work freely within commercial parameters. A substantial survey of the artists’ work together with some gorgeous photography showcasing the books as objects. The volume also includes an artist statement and technical notes on the works in Japanese. Awazu remarks in the foreword: ‘Book design is the god of design and the godsend.’

Quite possibly the ultimate ‘book on books’.