(Julie Delabarre)(Les Devoirs)

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Self-published, 2016
Condition: New, 16x22cm, 34pages, Softcover with Spiral binding

"Les Devoirs (los deberes), words in french and spanish that mean both homework and duty, is a self published homemade photobook about my experience as a private french teacher, a temporary work that lasted in today’s Spain: the Spain of the recession, in which you never knows what tomorrow will be made of, and adults have to educate themselves for a job or to acquire extra skills, just in case… Two of my students are portrayed in those ambiguous, transitional spaces, where they live, work and study at the same time. The objects I photographed, the materials I used evoke both conventional workplaces and educational ressources, its consequences on the way we live and learn: the feeling of being disposable, the culture of results and success, the repetition and finally, the weariness." - Julie Delabarre