(Juergen Teller)(I Am Fifty - French Edition)

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Paris: Suzanne Tarasieve, 2014
Condition: New, 22.7x28.5 cm, 116pages,  Hardcover, French

Juergen Teller reflects on his reaching 50 years of age through three series of photographs. Woo (2013) seeks to debunk the status of both art and fashion photography by placing works from both realms on the same level, assembled to form a wallpaper, and showing isolated parts of this tangled retrospective. Previously unpublished, Masculin (2013) comprises sweaty self-portraits in gym shorts and trainers that echo images from the Masculin/Masculin exhibition at the Musée dOrsay, humorously evoking classical poses. In Irene im Wald (2012), accompanied by introspective text, he follows his mother on a walk through a forest familiar to him since childhood.