(Hiromix)(Oh My Lover)

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Tokyo:Tokyo Sphinx,1996, 16pages zine with 2 CDs.

Condition:Good,Shelfwear, Edges are slightly yellowed by aging.A couple of stains and wear in one page.(See the photo.) No,return. 1 photo CD, 1 music CD, 14.7 × 25.4cm

A photo zine and CD set by Japanese photographer and artist Hiromix – Toshikawa Hiromi – from 1996. Released in the midst of ‘girly photo’ mania (the boom of young female photographers) and a relic of the 90s Japanese photo scene, Oh My Lover features a music CD of Hiromix’s 1960s mod tribute group The Clovers, a photo CD-ROM, and images and writing by the artist. In 2003, Hiromix had a cameo in Sofia Coppola’s cult, Tokyo-set film Lost in Translation.