(Guy Bourdin)(The Absurd and The sublime)

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Tokyo:Chanel Nexus Hall,1st edition,2021,Hardcover with slipcase.

Condition:Very good,Minor shelfwear and rubbed edges. The book is excellent condition. In English and Japanese.

The Absurd and The Sublime is a collection of works by Guy Bourdin, one of France's leading photographers after the war. Bourdin said that he continued to stick to original works during his lifetime and stubbornly refused to hold exhibitions or publish photo books. The catalog of Bourdin photography published during the commercial work for fashion magazines during his lifetime is a premier product. Currently, many works including unpublished works have been announced by the Foundation, but this is a catalog photo book not for sale published at the time of the solo exhibition held at Chanel Nexus Hall in Ginza in the fall of 2021. The Absurd and The Sublime is an exquisite concept to express Bourdin, and from iconic works to unpublished ones, there are a series of illustrations that Bourdin fans will love.