(Grant Ellis)(Bless Your Heart)

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New York: Kris Graves Projects, 2016
Condition: New, Signed, 1st edition, 25.4x21.6cm, 80pages, Hardcover

Bless Your Heart is a collection of photographs by Grant Ellis made on numerous trips to the Mississippi Delta. Each photograph is an intimate portrait of a narrow aspect, be it common or uncommon, that serves as a wider narrative of what the people do, how they live, what they enjoy, their sadness and despair and happiness and humility that extends before and after each frame, so that the photos come to serve as brief narrative glimpses into the continuous story of the people's lives. 

Grant Ellis is a Mississippi-born photographer working in Washington, D.C. He holds a B.F.A. in Photography from Memphis College of Art. Recent exhibitions include the Museum of the City of New York, International Center of Photography and New York Photo Festival.