(Carlos Spottorno and Guillermo Abril)(La grieta)

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Bilbao: Astiberri, 2016
Condition: New, bumped corners, 22x31.1cm, 168pages, Spanish, Hardcover

After three years of work that began in December 2013, several covers, dozens of pages published in magazines and a World Press Photo, photographer Carlos Spottorno and reporter Guillermo Abril have decided to give another narrative form to the 25,000 photos and 15 notebooks completed, to tell the story of what happens at the borders of the European Union.

Through the pages of The Crack, an encounter with sub-Saharan Africans in the Gurugú, the rescue of a boat off the coast of Libya, the exodus of refugees from the Balkans, the NATO tanks off Belarus, and the Arctic forests where Finnish conscripts search for their limits, while Afghan and Cameroonian refugees arrive with their suitcases from Russia in the middle of winter...

La grieta is the field diary of two reporters who travel the border from Africa to the Arctic in order to unravel the causes and consequences of Europe's identity crisis. This work by Spottorno and Abril is a kind of photographic reportage, a graphic essay with a very current geopolitical background. Halfway between a photobook and a graphic novel, insofar as it uses elements of the narrative of the latter, the result is a story that is not based on real events: they are real events.