(Badlands 777 - The Sisterhood Issue)

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London: Badlands 777, 2014
Condition: Like New, slightly bumped corners, 29x20cm, 178pages

Badlands 777 is a self-published annual print magazine based in London, UK.

Born out of a friendship and a mutual appreciation for all things bad, BADLANDS777 started out in 2010 in Essex  as a blog, by Chloe Lamb, Jade Lamb and Lilli-Rose Baily, dedicated to women, fashion, film, music and art. With a taste for genuine vintage clothing, but vast lack of choice around us, we decided to strive to provide a bigger and better choice for other girls alike. Four years later, with a vintage label and DIY fashion collection behind us, BADLANDS777 are now incredibly proud to present the first issue of our magazine, entitled ‘The Sisterhood Issue’ and our new collection, ‘Hot Days, Dirty Nights’.