(Andy Rocchelli)(Russian Interiors)

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Pianello Val Tidone: Cesura Publish, 2014
Condition: New, 1st Edition of 700, 15.5x21.5cm, 125pages, Foldable pages, Wallpaper handmade hardcover with screen printed title

An intimate portrait of Russian women in their private spaces. Andy started travelling to Russia in 2010, where he spent a considerable amount of time working as a freelance photographer and covering several stories in different places. Russian Interiors was born out of a side job that allowed Andy to cover his expenses while staying in Moscow; he challenged local professional competitors, accustomed to working in dedicated environments, by offering low cost portraits to single women in their apartments.

Quickly, this expedient bloomed into a hefty body of work, with an archive that includes portraits shot for his customers and photos he kept for himself. The core of this work is, of course, deeper than its initial commercial purpose: this method developed into a key to access private spaces and stories, to better understand the intimate side of Russian women.