(Alma Haser)(Cosmic Surgery)

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Hastings: Self-published, 2016
Condition: New, Sealed, Signed, Edition of 600, 17.7x24.7cm, 60pages, Hardcover

Imagine a world where people could swap faces, be who they want to be, change their expressions by simply thinking of the new face they want. Well in Alma Haser’s new book, you enter an imaginary but all too plausible world where cosmetics and electronics have merged with biotechnology to create “Cosmic Surgery”, the ultimate beauty technique.

Alma first started the project in 2013, where she photographed friends and family then folded their faces into Origami before re-photographing the whole thing again. The images produce unique and eerie portraits that become ‘Patient’ case studies in the book. They depict the moment the face transforms, the in-between moment of fragmentation into new identities. Also shown in pop-up form.

Science writer Piers Bizony collaborated with Alma to create the worryingly convincing futuristic brochures in the book, which explain the features of Cosmic Surgery, the benefits, the warranty guarantees, and all the other extras. The design of the book was carefully thought out and put together by designer Emily Macaulay, who has been working on the project alongside Alma for over two years.