(Alessia Bernardini)(Becoming Simone)

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Self-published, 2014
Condition: New, 19.5x20.5cm, Softcover

Becoming Simone is a story of a man who lived half of his life in a woman's body. 

At the age of 51 he changed his name from Angelina to Simone and started his path through sex reassignment surgery. I met him as Angelina because he was a neighboured of mine and we used to chat about this and that in front of the main entrance.

Then one day he rang my bell and said: “ I would like to tell you what I will do in the next months” and so we started.

The project is an investigation through memories, courage, discomfort, dreams and life expectations. The work is made from our recorded talks, archive photos and shooting days. I decided to present his story in a book form, in which past and present, discouragement and courage are overlap. The project is not just related to sexual transition, it is the quest that, as human beings, we must somehow accomplish: get closer to the vision of what we want to be in life and what we are ready to do and go through to get near our desire.

The book has been awarded first prize from the jury of the SelfPublishing Riga contest in 2014, and is among the shortlisted books of the Dummy Awards 2014 at the Kassel Photobookfestival. The project has been exhibited at Fotogaliere, Vienna."